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Angular With Tailwind Css. When building for production, you should always use tailwind’s purge option to tree. Controlling file size with tailwind.

Tailwind CSS with Angular YouTube
Tailwind CSS with Angular YouTube from

Npx tailwindcss init it will create a minimal tailwind.config.js file at the root of your angular project. Adding tailwind css to projects. First make sure you have an angular version 11.2.0 or higher and node.js version 12.13.0 or higher (tailwind css requires node version 12.13.0 or above for sure) install the tailwind css framework using npm or any other package manager tool of your choice and operating system;

Tailwind CSS with Angular YouTube

Or add it to your webpack config. Tailwindcss is different than other css frameworks like bootstrap. Nx, angular, and tailwind css logos. // tailwind.config.js module.exports = { purge: