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App Ux Case Study. The coffee shop is quaint and has a loyal customer base. A ux case study tells the story of how you create a great website or app and, in particular, what you do to improve the ux of the site.

App UX Case Study " SitMyPet" on Behance
App UX Case Study " SitMyPet" on Behance from

As the app is still in development, the whole concept and idea behind it cannot be revealed yet. User knows some of the types and/or names of plants and only a little bit about care. The ux behind the habit of exercise —.

App UX Case Study " SitMyPet" on Behance

Design an app to help users find new movies, watch movie trailers, read reviews, and purchase tickets. Redesigning the new york times app — a ux case study. I am a ux designer with a solid graphic design background. This banking super app ux case study is aiming to create a new wave of motivation for the new banks, as well as the traditional players, to strive for even better financial experiences for their users.