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Autocomplete Ux. We recommend the lookup component instead of autocomplete. Setting up the controller in html.

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But there's this one thing that bugs the usability geek in me (used to be a ux researcher in a previous life): Jörn zaefferer has developed a beautiful lightweight version of autocomplete for jquery. Even though the technological landscape has completely transformed in the last thirty years, the essential advice regarding response times remains the same:.

UX Patterns Solutions Guide Algolia

If true, the autocomplete is free solo, meaning that the user input is not bound to provided options. There are are very few use cases in normal forms where it really makes sense to disallow autocomplete. By default, the component disables the input autocomplete feature (remembering what the user has typed for a given field in a previous session) with the autocomplete=off attribute. We will deprecate the autocomplete component in the next major version of sky ux.