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Avocademy. Avocademy is a new online bootcamp that teaches people the skills they need to launch a career as a ux designer. The application process is definitely intense from a broad perspective but i have begun my search early this month, i applied to 75 or so jobs, i have had recruiters pitch me roles (some good, some nowhere near my experience) but with the help of avocademy, my portfolio is in check, my resume is set and i have received 6 interview offers within.

Avocademy Mentor Portal Design
Avocademy Mentor Portal Design from uxfol.io

Earners of the avocademy ux/ui foundations certification will successfully execute the ux/ui design process from end to end, beginning with user research and resulting in prototyping and testing a completed product. Current design programs are expensive and not accessible. Growing the next generation of ux designers 🥑.

Avocademy Mentor Portal Design

Our students are 75% women, 65% bipoc, & 33% lgbtq+. Avocademy is a ux/ui design academy founded in 2020. Classes are kept small, with only about 10 students per cohort. As the program grows, it is clear that avocademy’s current customer relationship.