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Bad User Interface Design Examples. Checklist for a great ui design. The juicero has been lauded by multiple ux platforms and experts as one of the best examples of bad ux design we’ve seen in the last few years—so much so that it closed its doors in 2017 out of shame.

User Interface (UI)
User Interface (UI) from

At a glance, facebook is decent about indulging the mainstream user’s ‘cocaine’ habit of constantly checking their feed for more likes & validation. The pages’ backgrounds are distracting. 2 examples of bad ui design are:

User Interface (UI)

So, let’s look at five examples of obviously bad designs, shine the light on how good design makes it work, and distil some lessons so we can all create great and invisible experiences for our users. Even when it comes to online browsing. The yale university school of art. Facebook is the definitive social media website that barely needs any introduction.