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Best Css Framework For Vue. Vuetailwinds (1.4k stars on github) integrates the css framwork tailwind css (42.8k stars on github) into vue.js projects. Especially when you throw in a metaframework like nuxt, along with vuetify, i felt like i could design websites at about half the time i used to take on react.

Top 5 CSS frameworks for your Vue.js project (2021
Top 5 CSS frameworks for your Vue.js project (2021 from

I think this probably means that buefy is the best css framework to choose for vue/nuxt. A framework for the framework, so to say. Bootstrap vue is a famous css library that combines the power of both bootstrap and vue.

Top 5 CSS frameworks for your Vue.js project (2021

You could just use vue material and pick some of the many standalone grid systems available in the web. Vue admin panel framework, powered by vue 2.0 and bulma 0.3. Nuxt is an opinionated framework for creating vue apps. It provide clean, semantic and reusable components that make building your application a breeze.