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Border Top Css. The top border, combined with right, bottom, and left border, can also be specified with the border shorthand property. An element must have a border before you can change the color.

CSS bordertopcolor Property
CSS bordertopcolor Property from

Viewed 46 times 1 i would like to put a gradient border at the top and the bottom of my h2 tags but the border bottom should be the reverse of the top bo. All users all tracked tracked desktop tracked mobile. The border property is a shorthand syntax in css that accepts multiple values for drawing a line around the element it is applied to.

CSS bordertopcolor Property

Actually awesome đŸ™†â€â™‚ïž for a css designed icon. Css border top and bottom with linear gradient. Set a style for the top border: 24 lines of code at 426b & 301b after compiling.