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Css Framework Dashboard. It offers 16 dynamic ui elements and allows implementing custom items manually. There are more reasons to use react.js ui components as compared to other css frameworks some of them are listed below.

20+ Best Dashboard Frameworks » CSS Author
20+ Best Dashboard Frameworks » CSS Author from cssauthor.com

The traditional css frameworks use vanilla js or jquery to manipulate the dom. Each panel contains output information and/or control form elements. It is a fully responsive bootstrap admin template/bootstrap admin dashboard template that comes with a huge collection of reusable ui components & plugins.

20+ Best Dashboard Frameworks » CSS Author

Each component is described entirely through keyword attributes. 50+ jquery plugins including quick chat; Its widgets are essentially a collection of ruby erb templates for layout, scss for styling, and coffeescript for data polling/interactivity. If we mix vanilla js with react.js then it may cause unexpected behaviour.