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Css Houdini. Custom properties & values api. Registering a new property can make it animatable (if syntax type is animatable).

Sapper/SvelteKit + CSS Houdini DEV Community
Sapper/SvelteKit + CSS Houdini DEV Community from dev.to

Additionally houdini modules add some extra kb to your site depending on the module size; Typed om custom properties & values api paint api animation worklet layout api parser api. Exploring the css paint api.

Sapper/SvelteKit + CSS Houdini DEV Community

Get $100 to try digitalocean. These extensions might be to polyfill features that are not yet available in a browser, experiment with new ways of doing layout, or add creative borders or other effects. The thing i wanted to create in houdini is my background gradient. Css houdini more than magic!