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Css In Js Vue. A genuine example of where an accordion interface could be proper would be an often posed inquiries (f.a.q.) page. Var app = new vue ({el:

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Since vue templates are valid html, this is done in the same way to how you might do it in plain html — by adding a class= attribute to the element. Adding css classes in vue we should apply the button css classes to the in our todoform component. February 4, 2021 4 min read 1377.


Before you begin downloading a css framework, be sure to install and create a new project with the vue cli and follow the prompts: Some of the most popular css frameworks have been adapted for single page applications (spas) such as vue.js. Adding a framework to vue.js. If you’re building a vue.js app and want to choose the best css framework of 2019 here’s a list for you.