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Django As Backend For Mobile App. A simple website application using django for the backend and react for the frontend. Yes, django would be a perfectly suitable choice for a mobile application backend.

GitHub AleeWeb/review_django_api_backend The BackEnd
GitHub AleeWeb/review_django_api_backend The BackEnd from

An easy to use project template in django 1.11, focused on a custom backend for a mobile app. Django is just a web framework that you can use to write websites or web apis that your mobile app can communicate with. In this talk, i will take you through day zero to day hero on our team’s experience with building apis and backend services for a mobile app in django/python.

GitHub AleeWeb/review_django_api_backend The BackEnd

Api has to support multiple platforms like mobile apps, webapps. Android , django , mobile app development , python I thought about starting simple with a django backend; Most of the tutorials i have seen only talk about doing it with firebase.