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Don Norman User Experience. I hope it has been worthy of your time. The above topics and arguments made by the other researchers only point to the main parts involved in this discourse, but the other relevant topics allow.

Don Norman "User experience"
Don Norman "User experience" from

I hope it has been worthy of your time. I welcome your concerns and feedback. In his book on emotional design he explores the idea about the 3 levels of experiences for a user which can be.

Don Norman "User experience"

Cognitive psychologist and designer don norman coined the term user experience in the 1990sbut ux predates its name by quite some decades. As stated by don norman experience design is a broad field that encapsulates various ideas and para d igms. Since don norman presented the design world to james j. Donald norman arguably deserves the most credit as a pioneer in ux, as he is the one who coined the term “user experience.”.