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Frontend And Backend Development. Top management set a task for the team: As a result, from 2014 to 2019, the market share occupied by x5 retail group doubled from 6%.

Frontend And Backend Fast Tech Skills YouTube
Frontend And Backend Fast Tech Skills YouTube from

The frontend is the visible portion of the website, including the graphical user interface (gui) and command line, as well as the layout, navigation menus, texts, images,. Frontend and backend web development college classes, what is difference between backend and frontend development, what is the environment of frontend and backend development no comments: When you’re scrolling and clicking through a website, you are interacting with its frontend or user interface.

Frontend And Backend Fast Tech Skills YouTube

To reduce the cost of opening new outlets. The frontend is what users see and interact with, while the backend is where everything happens. As mentioned above, a website is a set of files that are hosted on a server. Web development is completely different compared to what it lasted a few years ago.