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Good Ui Examples. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to build a better game ui by examining both good and bad examples from existing games, and end up with a checklist of questions to guide you through designing them. Jeca ui style guide example.

10 Principles of Good UI Design
10 Principles of Good UI Design from

Having a ui which correctly guesses what the user is after, should in turn bring in more smiles and dollars (or at least less frowns). Revolut is an excellent example of a mobile app ui design and contains lots of interesting features for mobile banking. The design has a tab hey you, let's shop together which is an enticing and intriguing message.

10 Principles of Good UI Design

So let’s check out a few examples of where i think companies have gotten their website ui design spot on. 9 great examples of good ux 1) google keeps it simple since 1998 google, officially founded on the 4th of september, 1998 by larry page and sergey brin is the world’s biggest search engine without a doubt. First impressions have lasting effects. For example, imagine a person that wants to share a photo on their phone with friends.