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Html5 Hybrid App. Mirip dengan aplikasi web, aplikasi hybrid app biasanya ditulis dalam html5, css, dan javascript. Hybrid apps can be downloaded.

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Hybrid app is the combination of web application and native app elements. Hybrid apps are installed through an app store, run on the device and provide access to enhanced native device hardware, but are written primarily using html, css and javascript. A simple hybrid app is built using html5, javascript and css, but is wrapped inside a thin native container known as webview (which you can think of as a windowless browser that’s configured to run full screen).

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It is not possible to develop a highly attractive app if you opt web app. This tutorial has only touched on the topic of creating html5 hybrid applications in android and there are many more components and capabilities that can be utilized to advance the features of a hybrid application (for instance the ability to control url loading components by overriding the shouldoverrideurlloading method of webviewclient, or the ability to remotely. Ionic provides rwd components that you can quickly use in your project. Don’t load views all at once