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Modern Gui. #python #tkinterthis is my project on tkinter to show how can you make splash screen in python.😀source code(download it & enjoy): Video #1 in a tutorial series for building a fully functional app with pyqt5.

GitHub WandersonMagalhaes/Python_PySide2_Circular
GitHub WandersonMagalhaes/Python_PySide2_Circular from

It implies ‘modern’ and ‘good’ would be somehow the same thing. A free to use, beautiful, feature rich, fully customizable flat modern gui template using pyside2 designed in qt designer, supported for windows/linux/mac os, incorporating widgets like buttons, progress bar, custom tabs, and many more. Learn for free how to create a modern interface like this with my course:

GitHub WandersonMagalhaes/Python_PySide2_Circular

1 creating a modern gui for your python application 2 eel options 3 executable for our demo application in this post, we are going to use a library which will allow us to create outstanding graphical user interfaces (gui's) for our day to day python scripts. Later it was made available to classic desktop applications by way of xaml islands.later still it was decided to decouple the ui framework from the os, so that changes can ship independent of os updates. It's the same interface just by changing some comp. We're a community of creatives sharing everything minecraft!