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Notion Ux Case Study. This case study was released before i started writing accompanying articles, which is why it's just the slideshow. After analyzing all of these case studies and working with 100s of designers in our product design course to get them ready for the job application process, we've create our own tried and true templates to make it easy for designers to replicate the successful format and structure of these top portfolios using notion.

A UX case study on Notion ️
A UX case study on Notion ️ from

How do you write a ux case study. If you have published your case study on medium, you might want to redirect the viewers to that page instead of showing the case study in the notionfolio. We were given the instructions to investigate a given app or platform and i wanted to choose an app that i frequently used.

A UX case study on Notion ️

Notion is one of my favorite and one of the most used pieces of software at tenten creative. Nah, dalam ux case study tersebut, elemen yang perlu dimuat menurut inside design adalah:. The core idea is to try to break down your case study. A ui/ux case study can range in detail, but is commonly used to showcase the intricacies of a designer's problem solving and visual design skills.