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Operating Interface. Oi.java or otherwise know as operator interface, is used to scan inputs coming from the joysticks and gamepads plugged into the computer. After grabbing the inputs, it will need to be manipulated into a usable form for the robot to interpret and use in other classes.

Informática Aplicada I Wander Caceres Graphical user
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The operating interface is an intuitive operational interface with user guide to configure the building controller. Several levels or layers of operator interfaces are required to provide a reliable and maintainable system: Idec's operator interface products offer a perfect solution for your display needs.

Informática Aplicada I Wander Caceres Graphical user

A user interface, also called a ui or simply an interface, is the means in which a person controls a software application or hardware device. The operating system is also a set of services which simplify development and execution of application programs. A user interface (ui) refers to the part of an operating system, program, or device that allows a user to enter and receive information. You will find all these terms are used regularly to describe such systems.