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Product Designer Case Study. Not only that, but if you have a saas product, business case studies are a great way to show how other people are effectively using your product in their company. We needed to provide a great user experience on ios, android, wap, and feature phones.

Unibase Branding / Product Design Case Study by Milosz
Unibase Branding / Product Design Case Study by Milosz from

The objectives of the product design case studies are to 1) develop expertise related to product In this product design and development case study, learn how we built marketspace app for commercial real estate companies and find out the key challenges we faced, the core technical solutions we developed, and how brokers can benefit from using marketspace in terms of sales and marketing opportunities. This case study was made as a final project for ux design boot camp at purwadhika startup & coding.

Unibase Branding / Product Design Case Study by Milosz

This move helped inform and streamline the design process a little more and also give us reliable evidence when making product changes. This case study shares the designer's insights into key design decisions, such as why he chose this product, why he decided to redesign the logo, how to improve the onboarding and other pages, how to optimize the user flow, how to balance all pages and functions, how to enhance ux through bottom bars, interactions, gestures, view modes, and more. (sholanki’s answers are in regular font, interviewer’s. Use the same combination of colors that represent your brand.