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Purge Css. Here is the syntax of cli command: ['./src/**/*.html'] }) ]) see [postcss] docs for examples for your environment.

Menggunakan Purge CSS DEV Community
Menggunakan Purge CSS DEV Community from dev.to

Start using purgecss in your project by running `npm i purgecss`. Purgecss works by comparing the selectors in your content files with the ones on your css files. If you wish to return the css as files, specify the directory to write the purified css files to.

Menggunakan Purge CSS DEV Community

You can whitelist selectors based on a regular expression with whitelistpatterns and whitelistpatternschildren. Therefore, purgecss may not fit the exact file type or css framework that you’re using. With it's fitting defaults, you only need to make a few changes (or none at all) to the configuration. However, by default, purgecss ignores unused css code containing special characters like @ ,:, and /.