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Purge Css Angular. False, // or 'media' or 'class' theme: I created this bash script to use purgecss with my angular app.

Remove unused Angular Material CSS (2020) YouTube
Remove unused Angular Material CSS (2020) YouTube from www.youtube.com

Then it matches the selectors used in your files with the one in your content files. Angular added native support for tailwind css with the release of v11.2. It reduced my ‘styles.css’ file size from 63kb to only 3kb!

Remove unused Angular Material CSS (2020) YouTube

Or create tailwind.config.js in your root folder and copy the following content. This means the css size is pretty big by default. Purgecss analyzes your content and your css files. Update your project to the latest version of angular (v12) install the tailwind in npm install [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] add the tailwind configuration file tailwind.config.js to the root of your project ;