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Purgecss. It is now possible to remove unused css variables that were still deactivated by default, but they are now available by default. It removes unused selectors from your css, resulting in smaller css files.

PurgeCSS gotchas DEV Community
PurgeCSS gotchas DEV Community from dev.to

The new version of purgecss works asynchronously. Basically, you run it against your css files and your html/javascript files. You then feed it a css file, and it will remove any css that was not found in your project.

PurgeCSS gotchas DEV Community

If you are using purgecss on multiple websites or pages in the same. Purgecss is a tool that removes unused css by applying string comparison. Thanksfully, async/await is well supported in the lts versions of nodejs. Custom postcss plugins (including purgecss) can be added to create react app apps using craco.