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Python Microframework. It is a very light framework and gives us freedom to do whatever we want. A decorator based api for integrating with amazon api gateway, amazon s3, amazon sns, amazon sqs, and other aws services.

Flask Python microframework
Flask Python microframework from

A command line tool for creating, deploying, and managing your app; The definition of micro frameworks is a bit fuzzy. In the complex world of web development, as the popularity of frontend framework such as react and vue increase, python is left to exist to be the language of a backend framework such as flask and django.

Flask Python microframework

I working hard on write stable as possible api in the first place but while this code in 0.x version you should expect some major modification on the api. Django is a fullstack web framework with built in orm, user management, template renderer and tons of plug. An asynchronous framework is a relatively recent type of python framework. Official website | github | pypi.