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React Css Component. We might have normal css classes coming from component libraries and other css module classes too. It is not likely that all our css is written in one single class.

Chip And Tag React Component CSS CodeLab
Chip And Tag React Component CSS CodeLab from

It eliminates the risk of name conflicts associated with the css selector or some other issues related to the global scope styling. Each react component will have its own css file, and you need to import the required css files into your component. Css modules are convenient for components that are placed in separate files.

Chip And Tag React Component CSS CodeLab

Render() { let classname = 'menu'; After learning how to create components in react, you’ll be able to split complex applications into small pieces that are easier to build and maintain. They serve the same purpose as javascript functions, but work in isolation and return html. Applying styles to react components has definitely evolved from the early days of global css files, through javascript stylesheets and modular stylesheets, and finally to today’s stylized components.