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React Css In Component. Create the css module with the.module.css extension, example: In order to let react know you’re using css modules, name your css file using the [name].module.css convention.

React Markdown Editor Component CSS CodeLab
React Markdown Editor Component CSS CodeLab from

A component is a javascript function/class, usually written in.jsx files, that manages its state, dom structure, behaviors, and user interactivity. It's a component that is styled not by using a css file, but by using css syntax in javascript (components to be precise). It is not likely that all our css is written in one single class.

React Markdown Editor Component CSS CodeLab

The component has to include the extends react.component statement, this statement creates an inheritance to react.component, and gives your component access to. The beauty of css modules happens at build time when the local class names which can be super simple without. This example illustrates how to use inline styling to style react components. It is common for css classes to depend on the component props or state: