Tailwind Css With Vue at Website Design

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Tailwind Css With Vue. You can install manually or you read below blog. Since we have vue ui installed.

Fan Out Animation Vue & Tailwind CSS YouTube
Fan Out Animation Vue & Tailwind CSS YouTube from www.youtube.com

Please run the below command to install all tailwind css dependencies. Today we’re excited to add first class support for react and vue 3 to all of the examples in tailwind ui, which makes. This template is a great starting point for anyone who wants to create a user interface for saas products, administrator dashboards, modern web apps, and more.

Fan Out Animation Vue & Tailwind CSS YouTube

Drag & drop landing page builder made with laravel 8, vue.js 3 and tailwind css 19 february 2022. This plugin including installing tailwind, and configuring postcss for us. After you can see minimal and full configure, chose for one of us for your requirements. There’s an official walkthrough in the tailwind documentation, here.