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Tailwind React Component Library. Tsdx uses rollup as a bundler and generates multiple rollup configs for various module formats and build settings. Improve ui with beautiful templates and components for tailwind css.

tailwindreactui npm Package Health Analysis Snyk
tailwindreactui npm Package Health Analysis Snyk from snyk.io

It includes all of the commonly used components that a website requires, such as buttons, dropdowns, navigation bars, modals, but also some more advanced interactive elements such as datepickers. Material tailwind is an easy to use components library for tailwind css and material design. I am getting this error, when i do an npm run start there.

tailwindreactui npm Package Health Analysis Snyk

Critics hate its bloated html design. Coming soon components for vuejs, angular and many more. Windmill react ui is a component library based on tailwind css, that goes beyond usual libraries. Let's summarize how consumers will use this library: