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Tailwind Symfony. When i first started looking into symfony encore i found a nice guide on the tailwind docs about getting tailwind up and running on encore. When i compile the stylesheets there are no errors (it compiles successfully) but none of the tailwind class styles work.

tailwindcss Laravel Questions
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Here are my direct dependencies : As long as there is no framework guide for symfony in the tailwind css docs yet (see pr #1131), this repository bridges the gap between the symfony framework and tailwind css. Tu as une application symfony et tu veux y intégrer un peu de sass et encore mieux :

tailwindcss Laravel Questions

Like i said previously, i'm not sure what is wrong and my attempt to correct the problem on my own failed. From these websites the single page apps, such. Nous commençons par la méthode la plus simple con. # using npm npm install [email protected]^1 # using yarn yarn add [email protected]^1 2 add tailwind to your css.