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Type Of User Interface. You open a website or desktop software and then interact with it by using a mouse and keyboard. The user interface (ui) is the set of sensory and controls channels through which a user can communicate with a machine, in a computer, screen, keyboard, and speakers are part of the user interface.

What is GUI (Graphical User Interface)
What is GUI (Graphical User Interface) from thetechhacker.com

A user interface of any operating system can be classified into one of the following types: Membrane switches, rubber keypads and touchscreens are examples of the physical part of the human machine interface which we can see and touch. Calculator need only a small area for displaying numeric numbers, but a big area for commands, a web page needs forms, links, tabs, etc.

What is GUI (Graphical User Interface)

The primary interface we use on a daily basis, maybe more like every few minutes: Software in different domains may require different style of its user interface for e.g. As humans, we spend most of our day interacting with user interfaces (uis). Other types of user interfaces can include: