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Ui Layout. Sign up forms, pricing, hero blocks. Layouts, are the files used by sc2 to create the user interface (ui) which the player sees.

IoT App UI Design by Ramotion on Dribbble
IoT App UI Design by Ramotion on Dribbble from dribbble.com

Whitespace is that space between ui elements on a screen. You may copy your ui layout files from this folder into other computers if you like, though we recommend that you make a new layout if the monitor resolution between those computers differs. Align controls according to the rules below to show that they are related.

IoT App UI Design by Ramotion on Dribbble

Create consistency and use common ui elements. As a result, having a proper ui layout when playing ffxiv is vital and necessary to avoid your ui obscuring your view of the game. Android layout is used to define the user interface that holds the ui controls or widgets that will appear on the screen of an android application or activity screen. Responsive layouts in material design adapt to any possible screen size.