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User Experience Journey. The way you map an employee experience journey is the following: User journey mapping is a widely used and impactful technique that can help you improve your product, marketing, ux, and merchandising decisions.

Customer Journey Maps freeCodeCamp Guide
Customer Journey Maps freeCodeCamp Guide from

A user experience journey map allows a team to gain a common understanding about the use case through the eyes of the user over time. They can be used for 2 main things: Kata experience ux, ada beberapa hal yang harus kamu perhatikan.

Customer Journey Maps freeCodeCamp Guide

You can read a book on customer experience to gain general ux guidance, but a user journey map allows you to capture a snapshot of the unique relationship between your product and your customer base. That’s why always start with user research. A user journey refers to the stages that a user is taking in order to reach their goal as they visit a specific website. Dari namanya saja, kamu tentu sudah tahu bahwa pengguna adalah hal yang wajib dipertimbangkan saat membuat user journey.