Using Tailwind With Angular at Website Design

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Using Tailwind With Angular. Using tailwindcss in angular is easy from v11.2 we just need to take the following actions to use tailwindcss in angular. Setting up tailwind with angular v12.

Implementing Angular Schematics using Angular + Tailwind
Implementing Angular Schematics using Angular + Tailwind from

With tailwind now fully supported by angular with the release of angular 12, setting up tailwind in angular involves these simple steps: By using purgecss you even went as far as to slim the tailwind css framework down to the smallest version possible, specifically tailored to your project. Modify angular.jsonto use a custom webpack builder.

Implementing Angular Schematics using Angular + Tailwind

Use the below npm command to install tailwindcss. As opposed to frameworks like bootstrap, bulma and foundation, it is not a ui kit. It shows the different options available to set it up in existing projects or new projects, and it also contains a set of our recommended setups for using tailwind css in different scenarios that can be found on an nx workspace. This means that, although we don't have access to the underlying postcss pipeline, we can use tailwind css without many hassles.