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Vue Js Materialize Css. This library was built with sass, and then converted to css with a preprocessor. Become more efficient to create layout with materialize css steps.

Vue.js 数据表组件 vuematerializedatatable Vue 插件库
Vue.js 数据表组件 vuematerializedatatable Vue 插件库 from

But it does seem that the following vuejs directive + jquery workaround is working: Collapsible, dialogs, dropdown, media, modals, parallax, pushpin, scrollfire, scrollspy, sidenav, tabs, transitions, waves. Generally it is wise to import javascript files at the end of the body to reduce page load time.

Vue.js 数据表组件 vuematerializedatatable Vue 插件库

On the other hand, bootstrap vue. The first and the recommended way is loading via google's cdn, by adding this tag to your html A css framework based on material design. To import the css filesjust do this: