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Vue Tailwind Ui. After some research i found out that @headlessui/vue and @heroicons/vue supports vue 3 only. Beautiful ui components by the creators of tailwind css.

Free Tailwind CSS Themes 2021 Geeks Zine
Free Tailwind CSS Themes 2021 Geeks Zine from

Dodds’ downshift library and thinking “man, this is a cool concept — all of the complex behavior is tucked away in the library, but all of the actual markup and styling is left to the user”. It features multiple html and vuejs elements and it comes with dynamic components for vuejs. Install tailwindcss (optional) this library uses tailwindcss classes by default.

Free Tailwind CSS Themes 2021 Geeks Zine

Improve ui with beautiful templates and components for tailwind css. It's all compatible with react, vuejs and angular application. Vue notus is free and open source. All of the react and vue examples in tailwind ui are powered headless ui which is a library of components we developed to decouple all of the complicated js behavior you need to build complex components like modals and dropdowns from the actual styles and markup.